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Episode 69: The Classic Hardcovers of 1983 with Tony Whitt

The 20th Anniversary of Dr. Who, and talking about it during the 60th anniversary.  Brings back memories for Tony and I as we go through the hardcover releases of 1983. Mostly Peter Davison Books, but we also see the final 4th Doctor story published in hardcover until well after the end of the run for W.H. Allen. Photo covers finally get axed when Peter Davison’s agent catches on to the scheme.  Andrew Skilleter gets to go around that with Doctors in Silhouette on The Five Doctors!  Join Tony and I through this memory and journey!  The hardcover run will end in 1988, and, yes I have all the books from here until the end. See my Video interview with Abbi on Patreon! ($15 level or above). Or less for early access to this podcast! The Most Outrageous Offer! –Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Collection      You can buy it for a more reasonable price here! You can find the Doctor Who Target Book Club on Soundcloud, or just about anywhere you get your podcasts!  A Direction Point Network Podcast.  
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