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Episode 55: Alternative Media and Chicago Tardis Updates!

Before the time of Video recording and such, there were two companies that ventured into alternative media to allow children to watch a show at home! Chad Valley and GAF (Viewmaster) made that possible. The Doctor Who Give-A-Show Projector from 1965 and Viewmaster Dr. Who Full Circle and Castrovalva in 1982/83. I also provide full updates on Chicago Tardis this November.  Just in, Chicago Tardis is requiring Masks this year as a precaution. Be sure to get a 3D mask so you can talk. See The Video Interview only on Patreon! ($15 level or above).

Alternative Media

The Doctor Who Give-A-Show Projector Box from Chad Valley. In my collectionInside the Box with all slides and projector itself. The Tom Baker ViewMaster from Full Circle 1981. In my collectionThe Dr. Who ViewMaster Gift Set that included Full Circle and the viewer. Very hard to find. Not in my collection at this timeThe Peter Davison ViewMaster with Castrovalva 1981. In my collection.
Examples of the Doctor Who Give-A-Show Projector from Chad Valley 1965 and Viewmaster from 1981-1983 Collection Protection: Museum Grade Gatefold Album Sleeves The Most outrageous offer – You be the judge! Link to crazy offer-while it lasts! 50th Anniversary Dr. Who Annual $1999.00 ($4.95 shipping)      
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