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Episode 54: Dr. Who Classic Hardcovers year 6 (1979) with Tony Whitt

1979 was a tough year for the world with high inflation and gasoline prices doubling!   It was a good year for Dr. Who.  Tom Baker’s Doctor in his 2nd year in the USA and now rural parts of Canada. WH Allen decided to reprint 1 book and print 8 new books this year.  Not even keeping pace with 1 per month. Nelson-Doubleday works with Pinnacle to produce a book club hardcover of 3 stories only available in the USA. Tony Whitt and I go through the list in publication order with Tony giving perspective on the actual stories. Larry talks about book conditions and values. These books are very expensive to procure. This will also be the last year you see a cover by Chris Achilleos. See The Video Interview only on Patreon! ($15 level or above). [table “4” not found /]
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