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Episode 75: Are Reproductions Confusing? -and more lost stories of Jean Airey

Are reproductions confusing?  Well, yes, if they don’t say they are.  Some sellers are marketing these as original and perhaps they don’t know they are not real?  Today I talk about this and compare two companies that make these reproductions.  One is definitely better than the other.  We also present another lost story of Jean Airey, “Never Underestimate a Human” read by Brandon Peters (of the Brandon Peters Podcast). All this plus the most outrageous offer!  Keep Collecting! You can listen to this podcast here, Apple Podcasts, and Podbean!  I am also on most other platforms. The Most Outrageous Offer: Doctor Who: Spiral Scratch Here are the crazy ones And the more reasonable one: (price was changed after broadcast)  
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