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Episode 59: A conversation with Dr. Who Legend Peter Purves

It is rare to speak with a veteran Dr. Who companion. Mr. Peter Purves appeared in 46 episodes of Dr. Who with William Hartnell. He started as Morton Dill in part 3 of The Chase, then boarded the Tardis in part 6.  He continued his adventures until a new producer came in and told him The Savages would his last.  In this interview we learn about his role, his working relationship with William Hartnell, his working with Daleks, and a collectible prop that he threw away. I believe this to be my best interview and my highest ranking guest to date! I also have a most outrageous offer that is 10 times the going price of a new item! Welcome to the new year and the 60th anniversary of Dr. Who!  The continuing legend of Morton Dill! The Most Outrageous Offer!  Buy this from Amazon new! 
The price has gone up since publication! New copies can be had for $116 (approx)
Peter Purves as Steven Taylor from The Celestial Toymaker.
Peter Purves as Steven Taylor in The Time Meddler
Peter Purves as the legendary Morton Dill! Takes the piss out of a Dalek as he says. Had no idea it was his audition for Dr. Who.
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