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Episode 57: I am Soniced Up! The Props of Dr. Who with Brian Uiga

Let’s talk about the Doctor’s favorite tool, the Sonic Screwdriver. The talk will take a look at the 54-year-history of this fictional tool: from its humble beginnings as a life vest whistle and pen light, to Jodie Whittaker’s modern crystalline design, and will also look at the way it has been used in the narratives. This was recorded live at Chicago Tardis. All visuals will be linked below. We have collection protection, A wrap-up of Chicago Tardis 2022, and the Most Outrageous offer! Video of Bristol University ‘GauntLev’ project aka real life sonic screwdriver:
Kasterborous classic sonic ebook:
Kasterborous RTD sonic ebook:
Nick Robatto’s history of the 11th Doctor sonic:
Nick Robatto’s shorter info page about the 12th sonic:
Nick Robatto’s shorter info page about the 13th sonic:
Collectors Props Wales eBay page for liquidators from studio move:
Matthew Doe and the Reliquary (aka the source of my screen used sonic and  Fenric chess pieces):
Little Shop props (works with Rubbertoe Replicas and has the info from my original props to make perfect copies):
Collection Protection: Aliexpress       
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