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In 1977, 17 hardcover novels were published for Dr. Who under the Allan Wingate imprint. This will be the final year for Allan Wingate and the last year for most reprints. Some of the books listed are only rumored to exist so we still seek proof of life. While obtaining all 17 from this year are very difficult and expensive, some collectors will pay to get them. Join me and Professor of Target Bookology, Tony Whitt (host and producer of the Dr. Who Target Book Club Podcast, for a deep dive into these books. While I give the economics, Tony tells you if it is worth reading. See The Video Interview only on Patreon! ($15 level or above).¬† Sorry Tony doesn’t appear on the video, but the books I show are! The Doctor Who Target Book Club Podcast¬†

Carnival Of Monsters-January 1977

Planet of the Spiders 2nd printing-January 1977

The Three Doctors 2nd printing-January 1977

The Loch Ness Monster rumored 3rd printing-January 1977

The Dinosaur Invasion 2nd printing-January 1977

The Tenth Planet 2nd printing-January 1977

Revenge of the Cybermen rumored 2nd printing-January 1977

Genesis of the Daleks rumored 2nd printing-January 1977

The Seeds of Doom-February 1977

Dalek Invasion of Earth-March 1977

The Ark in Space-April 1977

The Claws of Axos-April 1977

The Brain of Morbius-May 1977

The Planet of Evil-July 1977

The Mutants-October 1977

The Deadly Assassin-October 1977

The Talons of Weng-Chiang-November 1977
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