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Back in the 90’s there was no Dr. Who on the air and no Big Finish to satisfy our Dr. Who needs. The New Dr. Who Adventure Books were just what was needed. Now these books are out of print and well sought after. David J. Howe has a new book called The Who Adventures which goes behind the scenes of Virgin Publishing and how these books came to be. My guest is David J. Howe and we talk about his new book and other things. Keep Collecting. To win a free copy of this book signed by the author, send an email to: [email protected] with the subject New Who giveaway.  Include your full name.  We will draw those names on January 31, 2022. See The Video Interview only on Patreon! ($15 level or above)
David J. Howe
Where to buy “The Who Adventures” by David J. Howe
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