A Gallery of items talked about on the podcast. Not all of them are owned by me. 

Dalek Cufflinks Dalek Cufflinks - no further information
The Dalek Pencil 1965 Dalek Pencil in packaging 1965
Dalek Candy Cigarettes 1965. Dalek Candy Cigarettes. Value as pictured $1000 or more with candy. Box alone $400+ depending on condition. Candy alone $50+
"Day of the Daleks" UK Laserdisc 1996 Encore Publishing. UK Laserdisc PAL edition.
"Day of the Daleks" US Laserdisc 1992 CBS/Fox Laserdisc US NTSC 1992.
"The Script Doctor" First Edition Doctor Who has been thrilling, amusing and terrifying television viewers for over 25 years. Andrew Cartmel was the show's script editor for three of those years. He chose the writers, planned the stories and shaped the programme during one of its most exciting and fertile periods.rnrnScript Doctor takes you into the producer's office for smokey script conferences and then into the charged darkness of the studio control room as a television show is being shot. It captures the comedy, chaos and struggle of a television classic being made, against all odds.rnrnThese are evocative and amusing dispatches from the trenches, conjuring a firsthand and uncensored flavor of what it was like to be there when the cameras were rolling. And what it was like when they stopped. Value: undetermined as was featured as an "outrageous offer."
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