Episode 4 – Doctor Who Weekly; Doctor Who Monthly; Fantasy Empire

In the fourth episode, I talk about Dr. Who Weekly Magazine, the move to Dr. Who Monthly and the value of collecting those. I also talk about the 18 issue run of Fantasy Empire and interview British Correspondent and Editor John Peel. I end the show with a song by Jim Burrill called “The Doctor” from the album The Vortex. A rare Dr. Who collectible.
Dr. Who Author John Peel

Episode 3 – Dr. Who and Daleks (books) with a Dalek surprise ending

In the third episode, I talk about “Dr. Who and the Daleks” and the various books that were published from 1964-2016. This only includes the TV serial and not the Peter Cushing movies. I close with a clip from the Century 21 record.        

Episode 2 – Invasion from Space, Doctor Who Annual 1966, Worzel Gummidge song Promo copy

In our second episode I talk about Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space, The Doctor Who Annual 1966, and close with a rare recording of Jon Pertwee singing “Who’d be a Scarecrow.”

Episode 1-The Dalek Book and The Dalek Pocketbook and Outer space Guide

In our premiere episode, I talk about “The Dalek Book” (1964) and “The Dalek Pocketbook and Space Travellers Guide.” (1965) I will close with “Who’s Dr. Who” performed by Doctor Who star Frazer Hines. (1968)


German release with photo cover