Episode 14 – Tom Baker Annuals Part 1, Genesis of the Daleks LP, Live show at Chicago Tardis 2019!

In the 14th episode I talk about the Tom Baker Annuals from 1976-1978 and their values. I also talk about Genesis of the Daleks on Vinyl with a short audio clip. I also announce our first ever live show at Chicago TARDIS 2019!  Find out more at Chicagotardis.com           

Episode 13 – Odds and Ends Part 1, “Landing of the Daleks” by the Earthlings

In this 13th episode I talk about odd and various collectibles that don’t belong to a collection. From Tardis cufflinks to Dr. Who Lounge pants that say “Pull to Open.”  er.  not a good pun. Announcing that we will have a live recording of this podcast at Chicago Tardis 2019.  Visit ChicagoTardis.com for more about this convention. Our audio ending is “Landing of the Daleks” by The Earthlings.          

Episode 12 – Price Gouging and the New Adventures plus Bullamakanka!

In the 12th episode, I talk about price gouging which is rampant on various Facebook Groups and eBay. I also talk about the New Adventure Books and a tribute to Terrance Dicks.  The most outrageous offer comes in at $4807.72!  “Lungbarrow” by Marc Platt. I end with a happy song “The Ballad of Dr. Who” or “Dr. Who is Gonna Fix It” by Bullamakanka!          

Episode 11 – Day of the Daleks Collectibles

In the 11th episode I talk about the Day of the Daleks story from 1972 and the many printed books and collectibles that came from that. It’s amazing that one story could produce so many books in so many languages.  The most outrageous offer comes in at $1860.47!  “The Script Doctor” by Andrew Cartmel          

Episode 10 – The Peter Cushing Dr. Who Movie Collectibles

In the 10th episode I talk about the Peter Cushing Movie Collectibles. So many items were created from 1965 to the present day that it is impossible to know everything.  My research uncovered many items that I have yet to find. If you have something that I didn’t mention, please let me know.            

Episode 9 – The Doctor Who Magazine Deluxe Edition (#539 July 2019)

In the 9th episode I open up the deluxe edition of the Doctor Who Magazine and uncover its secrets. Sadly, unless you buy it on Ebay, you can’t get it in the USA as of this recording. My bonus audio is a sample of the EP included with the magazine of “Evil of the Daleks.”              

Episode 8 – The Jon Pertwee Annuals, Collection Protection, Who is the Doctor?

In my 8th episode I settle into the final format! Introduction followed by a segment called Collection Protection, then let’s get a shift on with the Jon Pertwee Annuals 1973-1975. A segment on the most outrageously priced Dr. Who item for sale out there. Finally, the 1972 recording of Jon Pertwee singing “Who is the Doctor.”  Thank you for listening. Become a friend by pledging at our Patreon page!              

Episode 7 – The Unofficial 1972 Dr. Who Annual, The 1971 Annual, and Paul Darrow

In my 7th episode I talk about the Unofficial 1972 Dr. Who Annual that recently came out and how it compares to the rare 1971 Annual. My new segment called let the buyer beware, the craziest offer for Dr. Who collectibles out there, is also here. I also pay tribute the late Paul Darrow who passed away on June 3. Episode 8 will settle on the new format.  Thank you for listening. Become a friend by pledging at our Patreon page!            

Episode 6 – My first collectibles and The Doctor Who Movie 1996

In my 6th episode I talk about what I first bought in 1981 in the world of Dr. Who.  I also talk about the Doctor Who Movie (1996) and the collectibles I was able to find.  If you know of more, comment here or send us an email!  I will update you in the next episode. Become a friend by pledging at our Patreon page!